Clear resin earrings with red and gold inclusions resembling sangria, hung from an earwire by a chain
Sangria resin earrings displayed on a clear acrylic head
Sangria Earrings displayed on a black earring stand
Twelve Houses

Sangria Resin Earrings

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A hot summer evening- sipping cool sangria.  What could be better?

  • Gold-toned ear wires
  • A resin half hoop of yellow, red, gold and clear- swoon!
  • Suspended by 'gold' chain
  • Measurement resin part: 1.8" wide, 1.2" tall.  Total length from top of ear wire to bottom of hoop: 3"
  • Handmade in our Ohio workshop
  • Comes to you in beautiful blue star & moons bag, ready for gifting

  •  Earrings are cleaned in state-of-the-art ultrasonic jewelry cleaner prior to packaging and sending