What is Twelve Houses?
Twelve Houses is Art for Everyone, whatever house you live in!  In our multi-housed community, we believe that everyone has art in their soul, and that expressing that art by creating something helps ground and focus a person, enhancing lives.  

Twelve Houses upholds love, kindness, joy and delight.  In a stressful and often negative world, we believe that making and viewing art makes lives richer and better.  

Twelve Houses holds respect, authenticity and helping one another to be of highest importance.  Without regard for skin color, nationality, religion, sexuality or any other characteristic.

Twelve Houses believes that reconnecting adults to the playful spontaneous times and carefree feelings from childhood enhances the ability to navigate with and thrive in our complex often difficult world.  

Twelve Houses lives these principles by distilling moments of joy into resin jewelry and charms, that can go out into the world to spread joy. We hope the happiness in our jewelry and charms can connect you directly to remembered, current and anticipated joys!! 

Twelve Houses is Zoey and Lu- Daughter and Mother!  


Smiling photo of Zoey with a hat on.Photo of Lu smiling, a partially finished quilt in the background

Twelve Houses makes resin jewelry and accessories so you can add spice and sparkle to your outfits and days.  In our Ohio workshop, we hand cast our lightweight resin pieces in small, carefully controlled batches. These pieces are sanded and finished entirely by hand to assure that the items you buy are as unique as you are.  It delights us to design and craft these pieces to bring some one-of-a-kind treasures to your personal collection!
Twelve Houses is eco-conscious.  We use recyclable products when available, reuse supplies and minimize our waste.  We love and respect Planet Earth and the life on her.