Flat Resin Buttons

These sparkling resin buttons are the perfect finishing touch for your hand-knitted or hand-sewn garment.  These buttons are cast in small batches, then hand sanded and polished to grace your garments.  The way these buttons catch the light catches the eye!

This style of button is almost flat on top, with a small gentle curve from center to rim.  It has two holes.  The diameter 34mm (about 1.3"), and the button is 4mm (about .16") at the thickest.  They're gorgeous!

To purchase more than one of a button color, increase amounts on the order summary page.  If the system won't let you input the number, it means we do not have that many in stock.  If this happens, contact us including which color and style and how many you want.  We'll get right to work on it!