Collection: Custom Artisan-Made Resin Buttons

Do you want buttons designed specially for your yarn or garment?  Excellent choice!  We can make your wildest button dreams come true!

Minimum order: 1 button

Contact Lu:

Our resin is hand-mixed in small batches.  We perfect the color and the inclusions, then cast the resin in our family workshop.  Each piece is hand sanded and polished, then made into a finished piece, a lovely and unique button.

Twelve Houses believes every woman deserve to feel beautiful (and all guys too, if they wish!).  Our buttons allow you to express the designs, colors and feelings that are important to you!  Matching a button with your clothing (handmade or just needing a unique finishing touch) is like the cherry on the top of your favorite hot fudge sundae- exactly the right finish for a perfect whole.

Twelve Houses takes craftsmanship seriously, and strives to make the highest quality jewelry.  Every item must pass our Quality Control Checklist before being listed for sale. 

Twelve Houses wants every customer to be delighted with their purchase.  If you aren't, let us know within 30 days of receiving your jewelry.  We'll send you pre-paid return postage, so we can either fix the problem, ship you another item of your choice (you pay difference if the new item is more expensive!)- or refund your money.  

Let Twelve Houses add delight to your wardrobe today!


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