Why make jewelry from resin?

Why make jewelry from resin?

Hi, I’m Lu and I’m a crafter.  I love jewelry - Pieces that are beautiful, inexpensive,  have signature impact but are easy and comfortable to wear.  Fine jewelry of precious metals and gems can be breath-takingly beautiful- but wearing something very expensive makes me uneasy.

Costume or Fashion Jewelry is what I love.  As a crafter, I’ve explored lots of media for making fashion jewelry.  I’ve studied metal fabrication, glass, wood, stone, cement, fabric and paper as components for handmade jewelry.  For me, resin is the best of all these for making beautiful inexpensive jewerly.  Why?

Weight:  As a lover of statement earrings, I’ve worn some large heavy earrings.  Over time, my pierced earring hole stretched.  The hole finally became a long slit, with just a sliver of  skin between the slit and the outside of the ear.  This required plastic surgery to repair back to a dot of a hole.  I thought this meant the end for me of wearing large glamorous earrings, that I’d be limited to studs.  Resin ends this dilemma - even the largest earrings are incredibly lightweight.  

earring display head holding large white glitter resin earrings

Price:  Although resin is pricey, the amount needed to make a large pair of earrings or large pendant or pin is fairly small.  As a maker, even when I add in the cost of additives like glitter and color, metal findings and labor (casting, sanding, finishing, photographing and listing) it is often possible to keep the cost of the finished product under $50.  

A necklace on a silver chain.  The pendant is a 2" flat circle with swirled green and black resin, and there is a 1.5" silver feather hanging in front of this.

Durability:  Resin initially comes as two liquids, a resin and a hardener, that are mixed together, cast, and allowed to harden and cure.  Once cured, resin is inert and stiff.  While you could mar the finish with, say, a knife or metal pick, resin jewelry stands up very well to everyday use.  Dropping it on the floor won’t shatter it and it won’t rust or tarnish or splinter.  Cleaning involves wiping with a damp cloth.  Rarely, a little mild soap is needed if the piece is very dirty.

 Batwing earrings being cleaned with a soft dry cloth

Beauty:  Resin with nothing else added to it cures clear as glass.  This is a beautiful place to start.  Dyes and inclusions can be added to make the resin anything from transparent to translucent to totally opaque.  Resin jewelry can be funny or elegantly serious.  Multiple layers can be used for interesting effects.  Resin can preserve a delicate dried flower, or it can make a glow-in-the-dark witch’s hat of deepest glittery black.  

Fascination:  Almost daily, I have new ideas about techniques, combinations and approaches for making resin into yet something else wonderful.  It is endlessly fascinating!!

With all my best wishes for you, 


Twelve Houses is Zoey and Lu.  We think Art is for Everyone, whatever house you live in! In our multi-housed community, we believe that everyone has art in their soul, and that expressing that art by creating something helps ground and focus a person, enhancing lives.

Twelve Houses upholds love, kindness, joy and delight. In a stressful and often negative world, we believe that making and viewing art makes lives richer and better.

Twelve Houses holds respect, authenticity and helping one another to be of highest importance. Without regard for skin color, nationality, religion, sexuality or any other characteristic.

Twelve Houses believes that reconnecting adults to the playful spontaneous times and carefree feelings from childhood enhances the ability to navigate with and thrive in our complex often difficult world.

Twelve Houses lives these principles by distilling moments of joy into resin jewelry and charms, that can go out into the world to spread joy. We hope the happiness in our jewelry and charms can connect you directly to remembered, current and anticipated joys!!

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