The Tale of Twelve Houses

The Tale of Twelve Houses

It’s true:  There is a lot of bad in the world.  Bad stuff happens.  Some we can prevent, other stuff we can’t.  There is so much we can’t control.  But there is one thing we have a lot of control over- what we think, and how we react to what happens around us. (Thanks, Victor Frankel!)


In this world of chaos and stress, Zoey and Lu deliberately choose to cultivate joy.  This means spreading love, kindness and delight.  Art is the best way we know to find soul-deep satisfaction.  

Twelve Houses is Art for Everyone.  Whatever house you are in, whatever color your skin is or where your parents came from, how you worship or how you find sexual joy-  We believe that Everyone has art in their soul. 

And we believe that expressing that art by creating something helps ground and focus a person, enhancing lives.  That making and viewing art is a way of honoring yourself, your soul, that makes your life richer and better. 

We started Twelve Houses to provide a deliberately welcoming spot for art and creativity.   A place where joy is treasured.  A place where respect for one another, authenticity and helping each other is cherished and practiced.  


Zoey and Lu of Twelve Houses live these principles by distilling moments of joy into our resin jewelry and charms.  We send each piece out into the world with love and the hope that our jewelry and charms help you connect directly to remembered, current and anticipated joys!

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