🧡. Orange! 🧡

Lu here.  I really like orange.  Like in, it’s my favority color.

What’s it to you?

Consider putting more orange in your surroundings.  Orange has an energy and optimism to it that we all seem to need, particularly these days. 

A lovely campfire with friends sitting around it!

Think of the campfire.  There’s the crackle and snapping of the burning wood, the glorious wood-smoke scent.  The fire invites, calls to you, to sit down, slow down, listen to friends.

And then there’s the fruit itself, the orange.  Peel one, and the lovely sweet-sharp aroma fills the air.  It feels so clean and, somehow, optimistic.

What about sunsets- or sunrises?  That beautiful time at just after dawn or just before dusk, when the sky displays gorgeous hues, often with stunning oranges.

Right now, I cherish the optimism of orange, and the energy it brings to the serious job of social equality, making sure that people of all colors, sexes, nationalities, religions- have equal access to justice and to opportunities for success.  Bring it!! 

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