Life! and the Bowl of Cherries!

Hi, and welcome to Twelve Houses Blog!  We are Zoey and Lu and we love resin.  We love colors and sparkles and looking on the bright side, finding the Silly in things.  We love making lighthearted (and lightweight) resin jewelry- to make a tiny oasis for you, a spot of beauty and silliness in this challenging world.


Two happy goats sticking their noses through a fence


Goats are some of the best Sillies there are!  (That derpy tongue!) These words above were written by Lew Brown, an American originally from Russia, and lyricist for some of the most popular WWI and Roaring 20’s songs.  Hear Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries sung by Rudy Vallee or Judy Garland.  I think Lew would be quite happy to know his words remain relevant today. 

While understanding that there are many sad, tragic, horrific and unfair things happening in the world today, we’d like our jewelry and charms to give you little mind vacations of Beauty and Happy!

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