10 Reasons to Wear Resin Jewelry

beautiful steel blue resin ear gauges on warm wood with plant in background

 We love our resin jewelry, and want everyone to understand what a great material resin is for jewelry!!

  1. Resin jewelry is incredibly lightweight, meaning no pull or drag on your neck or earlobes.  
  2. Resin jewelry is relatively inexpensive, so you can get great visual impact for not-too-many dollars!
  3. Resin contains no metal.  Resin-only pieces, like ear gauges, some earrings and necklaces- can safely be worn by metal-allergic people.
  4. Resin jewelry is easy to care for:  usually a gentle wipe with a damp cloth is sufficient.
  5. Resin is inert, so you don’t need to worry about potential leaching of chemicals or other harmful substances from the resin
  6. Resin jewelry has beautiful transparency.  It can be made to look anything from totally transparent to totally opaque
  7. Many many items can be embedded in resin jewelry, ranging from flowers to glitter to tiny toys.  This provides nearly limitless options for personalization
  8. Once resin jewelry is cured (hardened) it is non-toxic. There are no fumes or other out-gassing
  9. Resin jewelry is sturdy and durable. (A sledgehammer and a concrete garage floor might break a resin piece, but not much short of that)
  10. Resin jewelry has a wide range of forms and appearances, mostly made by independent artisans.  It’s easy to find OOAK jewelry pieces to complement every personal style.  Support small businesses!!

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